Geo-Tech Polymers Enters Retail Packaging Market

Opens New Plant in Waverly, Ohio to handle demand

Geo-Tech Polymers announced today it has opened its second recycling facility in Ohio to serve the decorated plastics recycling demands of the retail packaging industry. Geo-Tech has gained traction in the market over the last 12 months for its unique ability to remove coatings such as screen printing and labels from plastic substrate materials using FDA-approved detergents. The approach is able to transform decorated plastic scrap into recycled resin that can be certified back to its original prime specifications.

"Geo-Tech solutions appeal to companies that want to generate significant savings by employing green solutions that are smart and effective," explains Doug Gels. "With 100,000 square feet of space, we're able to better support the retail packaging market in their efforts to recycle decorated plastics scrap into high-quality product at considerable savings."

As the cost of petroleum and plastics rise, the ability to turn scrap into product is critical, according to Gels. The company recently put together a case study that showed examples of companies in several industries yielding savings of over $1 million in the first year alone.

"When you can show those sorts of numbers, owners and financial managers understand that they've been missing a critical business opportunity," Gels stated. "We're here to fill in the gap."

About Geo-Tech Polymers, Inc.

Geo-Tech Polymers, Inc. is a privately held company that pioneers solutions to recycle and reclaim decorated plastics for high-end use, bringing significant cost savings and environmental power to customers. It serves retail packaging, automotive and other industries that stand to benefit from closed-loop recycling programs that achieve a recovered plastic of superior quality that can be re-used in high-end applications. With 2 plants in Ohio, Geo-Tech's automated processes accommodate 20-30 million pounds of recycled plastics per year. Geo-Tech is a division of Wastren Advantage, Inc., a waste management and recycling services company that provides focused solutions for managing the entire life cycle of hazardous and radioactive materials. WAI is a $100M company with 350 employees in nine regional offices throughout the United States. For more information, call (614) 797-2300 or visit

Geo-Tech Polymers is the nation’s leading supplier of solutions that transform low-value plastics waste into high-quality products for financial and environmental benefit. What makes us different isn’t what we do for the U.S. manufacturing industry, but how we do it. Geo-Tech pioneered a mechanical cleaning process that enables companies to add value to their plastics byproducts by returning a material of unprecedented quality.  By keeping waste out of landfills and pollution out of the air, Geo-Tech is proud to provide manufacturers a new way to sustain both their financial bottom line and the communities they serve.

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