David Bender, former chief executive officer of Perpetual Recycling Solutions and HAVI Global Solutions joins Geo-Tech Polymers as their Executive Vice President and Commercialization Officer announced Ron Whaley, Geo-Tech Chief Executive Officer. “I am thrilled that David has joined our management team. His experience in leading growth efforts provides a catalyst for Geo-Tech. David’s industry experience in both packaging and plastic recycling are uniquely suited for Geo-Tech.”

Geo-Tech Polymers cleaning process provides Brand Owners and Plastic Converters the ability to re-use their printed and painted plastic scrap as if it were virgin. Geo-Tech’s patented DeCoat FDA-LNO technology removes coatings from any post industrial plastic scrap, thus turning the scrap back into its original raw material for processing.

“I am so excited to join the Geo-Tech team,” Bender said. “It is rare to see a technology that fills such a critical void in closed loop manufacturing. Companies can now reprocess their printed scrap as if it were virgin plastic. Prior to Geo-Tech Polymers, companies had to either sell their printed scrap at a loss or process it in a black application.”

“Geo-Tech will both provide reclamation services and license its technology for large manufacturers.” Bender added. “The DeCoat-R production line for rigid plastics is fully operational. Geo-Tech will expand channel offerings over the next 24 months. We expect DeCoat-F production for film to be operational by year end. Geo-Tech is partnering with large converters on other channels and expect future offerings in 2016.”

“I have known Ron Whaley many years, since he was chief executive at Solo Cup. I knew he was working on something significant. After explaining his vision for the company, I immediately knew I wanted to join his team,” said Bender. “Having the scientific and financial support from parent company WAI provides the backbone for growth.”

Geo-Tech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wastren Advantage Inc. of Piketon, is the nation’s leading supplier of solutions that transform low-value plastics waste into high-quality products for financial and environmental benefit.

The company developed a patented process for removing coatings such as ink, chrome, paint, films and labels from used plastics prior to reprocessing. These coatings can impact the value or utility of recycled plastics if not removed. The process decreases the amount of plastics that are going to landfill while also increasing the number of applications available for recycled plastics.

Geo-Tech Polymers is the nation’s leading supplier of solutions that transform low-value plastics waste into high-quality products for financial and environmental benefit. What makes us different isn’t what we do for the U.S. manufacturing industry, but how we do it. Geo-Tech pioneered a mechanical cleaning process that enables companies to add value to their plastics byproducts by returning a material of unprecedented quality.  By keeping waste out of landfills and pollution out of the air, Geo-Tech is proud to provide manufacturers a new way to sustain both their financial bottom line and the communities they serve.

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