Geo-Tech’s proprietary technology is rapidly gaining traction in the retail food packaging industry. Our solution enables manufacturers of coated plastics to maximize value recovery by employing a proven, cost-effective and environmentally friendly process. Geo-Tech’s approach achieves a recovered plastic that is clean enough for reuse in high-end applications, at a quality that is comparable to new. We are able to remove coatings such as screen printing and labels from plastic substrate materials without using those chemicals and solvents that degrade the material’s properties. Our approach uses only gentle, FDA-approved detergents. Re-use means better ROI, more value as compared to selling the materials as scrap or treating it as waste; and increased savings over investing in new, expensive materials that command top dollar. 

It’s good for your company and its good for the environment to increase supply chain efficiency by using post-consumer resins to reduce your overall carbon footprint. We partner with retail food packagers to offer a cradle-to-cradle lifecycle, increasing cost savings and reducing near prime resin consumption from fossil fuels.

We provide:

  • Plastics Recycling and Toll Processing Services
  • Usage optimization
  • Plastics recycling production

Better Technology > Better Savings > Better Environment