Geo-Tech pioneers best-in-class technology for waste recovery services. Our proprietary solution offers  an environmentally friendly, approach that increases savings by upcycling waste into material of unprecedented quality. We deliver asset recovery value to our commercial and industrial customers who are in turn able to reduce landfill additions and their carbon footprint- smart business that also happens to be good business.

Each year, Geo-Tech customers prevent millions of pounds of scrap plastics from hitting our nation’s landfills. The processed plastics Geo-tech produces to replace new reduce the need for fossil fuels.Geo-Tech has a deep respect for our customers, our employees and the environment that we share.

  • Water-based process
  • No harsh chemicals or solvents
  • Production friendly (no fumes, no smell)
  • End product is homogenous
  • Reduces certification and approval costs
  • Process can be adapted to many applications/markets

Environmentally Friendly Mechanical Cleaning Approach