Our approach to customer testing is in a word, exacting.  Our internal controls and procedures ensure that materials are handled, processed, and inventoried according to proven, documented and audited quality control procedures. Geo-Tech adheres to the most current standards, ensuring that our control, management and auditing procedures comply with ISO quality programs. 

Below are some of the services and testing we offer as part of the Geo-Tech proprietary processing package:

  • % Ash Content, ASTM D5630
  • Melt Flow Index, ASTM D1238
  • % Shrink, ASTM D955
  • Flex Modulus, ASTM D790
  • Tensile Strength, ASTM D638
  • Izod, ASTM D256
  • Specific Gravity, ASTM D792
  • Gardner Impact, ASTM D5240
  • Heat Deflection Temperature, ASTM D648
  • Moisture, ASTM D6980
  • Many More

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