Geo-Tech was created by visionaries to pioneer a better process to recover the value of coated plastics without significant degradation, originally for the Department of Defense. Our drive for innovation, quest for unparalleled quality and commitment to doing right by the environment can be traced to our roots in research and development, and are at the core of Geo-Tech’s DNA. It also explains why most of the people you’ll meet at Geo-Tech really seem to get it—we’re passionate about what we do, and we like to hire smart. 

Today Geo-Tech’s leadership is scaling operations to meet greater demand by preserving the model of ingenuity, excellence and responsiveness. In 2012, Geo-Tech was re-invigorated by the investment of Wastren Advantage Incorporated (WAI), which recognized the potential in our approach to asset recovery. Recently ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the 100 fastest growing private small business companies in the nation, WAI is driven by a desire to fill the growing need for innovative and cost-effective ways to add value and lower costs for customers. In Geo-Tech the company saw a model that could grow and expand to address unmet marketplace demand for a level of quality in asset recovery services that didn’t exist in the marketplace. Since then, Geo-Tech has branched out into new industries, opened a second plant and hired experienced local professionals to run it.

It’s a winning formula that keeps us connected to our roots while reaching out to partner with our customers on new ways to be creative.

Better Technology > Better Savings > Better Environment