Geo-Tech is the most effective provider of recovered plastics technology for recycling and reusing materials in high-end applications.  What sets us apart is not only what we do, but how we do it. Our proprietary, exacting and environmentally friendly approach enables removal of paints and other coatings from plastics, recovering valuable plastic substrate materials without the use of solvents and chemicals that diminish base polymer properties or degrade the surface appearance of parts manufactured from the reclaimed materials.

Geo-Tech’s technology requires less than 20% of the energy needed to produce near prime resins from petrochemicals, reducing greenhouse gases, landfill debris and customer costs. But what our customers (some of the nation’s largest manufacturers) notice most is the quality of the materials we use. This “closed loop,” financially and eco-friendly supply cycle is moving America toward a sustainable manufacturing and consumption model while also protecting your bottom line. Geo-Tech is where good economic sense meets good environmental sense for our customers and our company.

Across the globe more than 500 billion pounds of plastic are used each year, only a fraction of which comes from recycled materials. We’re out to change that fact! We transform products that at the end of their lifecycle into high-quality resin for our customers’ manufacturing applications. Unlike other market solution, Geo-Tech’s products are of a quality on par with the near prime resin produced from fossil fuels. The result? Waste is made useful. Energy is dramatically reduced. Our customers save millions. The earth stays green.

Our pure, consistent, and reliably available materials are diverted from landfills, reducing energy and carbon dioxide use to provide our customers cost advantage, price stability and environmental benefits.

At Geo-Tech:

  • Our process is adaptable to specific substrates/coatings
  • We maximize potential for landfill diversion and value recovery
  • We increase market opportunity
  • We enable post-industrial and post-consumer applications
  • Maintain substrate properties and processing performance
  • We provide performance comparable to near prime
  • Our customers use Geo-Tech recycled product at 100%, even in Class A painted applications*
  • We increase ability to meet recycle content and environmental impact objectives

*This is a unique advantage to Geo-Tech in the industry.